Silo Manufacture & Installation

Direct Engineering have been involved in the plastics and packaging industry for over twenty-five years as a key supplier to the OEM’s.
We not only provide material pipework installers throughout the UK and Europe but also offer a wide range of other in-house manufacturing such as CNC machining of components to various industries, fabrication of all types of steelwork to BS1090 exc class 2 CE approval on mezzanine floors, box section framework and heavy pipework for the water authorities. All of this is complimented by our in-house design team. We manufacture all types of sheet metal fabrications mainly within the plastics industry in stainless steel and aluminium.
With our recently adapted manufacturing facility in Chesterfield, we not only supply stainless steel and aluminium Day bins and hopper’s but now we offer aluminium bulk storage silos up to 100 tonne capacity these can range up to 16 metres in height with a diameter of 4.0 metres which can include the accessories to meet your needs including slide valves, rotary valves, load cells, tanker fillings connections - basically everything you need! We offer full turnkey solutions to give you the reassurance your project is in good hands.

Typically, silos are manufactured in aluminium but can be made in range of materials subject to their end use including concrete, stainless steel, coated steel and GRP/Plastic. In the food and plastics industries, the favoured choice is aluminium although stainless steel does offer some use in the storage of food ingredients. Stainless Steel silos are more common within the pharmaceutical industry.

Why aluminium:
- Strong
- Lightweight
- Self-supporting
- Easily welded
- Strong oxide layer to prevent contamination.
- Minimal maintenance issues.

Silo installation considerations:
- Storage materials
- Site positioning of the silo
- Size of the silo

How can Direct Engineering help your company?

Design - as part of any design for a new silo, Direct will always work to be compliant with the latest Construction Products Regulations. This gives the customer full assurance that the silos, pipework, gantries and ladders all have traceability and conform to obligatory structural requirements.

Manufacture - we will manufcture the new silo on site in our newly renovated facility. For more information on the manufacturing process please contact us directly.

Installation - Direct will provide full silo transportation, erection and installation service for new silos. Before any work is under taken a full and detailed site survey will be carried out to assess access, hazards, transportation, traffic and personnel. Liaising with the customers safety team all installations are always carried out by adopting safe working practices.



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